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Meeting your financial needs is our goal.  Below is a listing of additional services to do just that.

24/7 Call Center Assistance

Nationwide Credit Union Shared Branching Network

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50,000+ Surcharge Free ATMs Nationwide

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VISA® Debit Card - FREE with any Checking Account at account opening

An EFCU Financial VISA® debit card gives you unlimited, free access to your checking account. It’s convenient, easy to use and doubles as an ATM card. Use your debit card to make purchases or withdraw cash:

  • VISA® debit cards can be used at most merchants, just like cash. They’re also a great way to make purchases online!
  • Use your card to get cash back at many grocery stores or retailers.
  • Our debit cards are EMV chip embedded, making all transactions unique for a more secure purchase.
  • EFCU Financial members have access at 50,000+ surcharge-free ATMs across the country in the MoneyPass®, Allpoint® and Dolphin® Networks, at all WalMart Murphy Oil Stations in the Baton Rouge area and at CVS stores throughout Louisiana  

Pay with your Smartphone

Pay thousands of vendors with your smartphone and leave your wallet at home!

Overdraft Protection

With EFCU Financial’s Overdraft Protection, pre-designate a savings account or a pre-approved E-Line of credit to connect to your EFCU Financial checking account. When an insufficient funds item occurs, we’ll transfer money* from your pre-designated account to cover it rather than returning it unpaid. You’ll never have to deal with insufficient funds using this service!

Courtesy Pay

With EFCU Financial's optional Courtesy Pay, rather than automatically returning unpaid any insufficient funds items on your EFCU checking account, we will consider, without obligation on our part, paying your reasonable overdrafts up to your assigned Courtesy Pay limit. This optional service is available on certain types of EFCU Financial checking accounts. You may sign up for this service when you open an eligible checking account.

Declining Courtesy Pay will not cost you anything. If you use Courtesy Pay (have an insufficient funds transaction), you will be charged our customary fees as set forth in our Member Fee Schedule. 

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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Tired of standing in line each week to deposit your paycheck? Save time and gas with Direct Deposit, a fast, convenient and easy way to deposit your paycheck. With Direct Deposit, your money automatically goes into a designated account each payday so it’s available for immediate withdrawal. Direct Deposit may be utilized for checks from your employer, a retirement plan or from Social Security. Stop by your nearest EFCU Financial branch for details or make a request through your employer's payroll office.

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Cashier Checks

Money Orders

Wire Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Night Drop Boxes


*A $2.00 fee will be charged anytime we transfer funds from your savings account or your eLine into your checking account to cover a potential overdraft. Funds are transferred in $100 increments.