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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At EFCU Financial, diversity, equity and inclusion are more than words. They are part of everyday life.

Our employees, like our members, represent a range of races and ethnicities, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, generations, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, communication styles and more. This diversity brings valuable perspectives to our work and our relationships. It inspires us to advocate for one another and seek solutions that benefit us all.

In our workplace, each of us is valued, accepted and empowered to do our best. We can all express ourselves fully, contribute in meaningful ways and advance professionally. Our differences make us stronger and our respect for each other gives us power.

Here For All.

What are diversity, equity and inclusion?

  • Diversity is our differences, both visible and invisible. It's a celebration of different perspectives, backgrounds and identities.
  • Equity is fair treatment. It's eliminating barriers and providing resources to those who may need a boost, so everyone has an equal chance to thrive.
  • Inclusion is a welcoming environment. It's the sense of belonging that comes when those around you are culturally competent and value different perspectives.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are put into practice at EFCU Financial to ensure we create a welcoming environment where everyone - members and employees - can succeed.

Through DEI, we gain new perspectives and understanding, which lead to better service and solutions, and an enriched member and employee experience.

Implementing DEI throughout our credit union is an ongoing process of reflection and action. We are on a journey to make DEI a priority that is practiced by everyone and owned by our senior level management.

Our Commitment

EFCU Financial is committed to having a workplace where every employee and member will be respected and not discriminated against based on biases. We accept professional responsibility to eliminate any forms of bias and oppression wherever they are found. We also will hold ourselves accountable for our actions, while maintaining intentional, measurable, and meaningful ways to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion through the ongoing training of staff and evaluation of our policies and procedures.

Steps We've Taken

  • Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - To solidify a commitment to cultivate a learning culture and a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place to work and bank, EFCU Financial announced the promotion of Murlonda Webb to this newly created position in early July 2021. Webb will lead the efforts to grow a diverse and inclusive workplace via talent acquisition, retention and outreach to talent in underrepresented communities. She will also review all policies, procedures and marketing efforts to ensure equitable strategies are achieved and the credit union's culture of inclusion is enhanced. 
  • Staff Council - An all-inclusive and diverse group of EFCU Financial employees was assembled by a volunteer application and interview process. The DEI Council held their first meeting in August 2020 to begin the process of identifying key opportunities to leverage DEI into the Credit Union's strategic objectives.
  • Team Training - All employees are required to take and pass at least two online training modules on the topics of diversity awareness and workplace inclusion.
  • Policies & Procedures Audit - The DEI Council has reviewed all credit union policies and established procedures through a DEI lens to update and make changes accordingly.
  • Job Descriptions Review - The DEI Council has updated all credit union job descriptions to ensure inclusive language and straightforward job duties.
  • Vendor Management - Efforts are underway to update the vendor management procedure for supplier diversity procurement. Initial focus will be on local minority-owned and woman-owned businesses in our service area.
  • Affiliations - EFCU Financial has joined the African American Credit Union Coalition, the Baton Rouge Area Diversity Officer's Council and the CU Pride Association.

Financial Services for All.

We offer financial products and services that change lives. With focus on access, transparency and affordability, we are there for those who need us most.

  • Fee prevention. We actively help members avoid paying fees. For example, our debit card transactions are processed in the order they are received, unlike many financial institutions that post larger amounts first to increase chances of an overdraft.
  • No ATM fees. We belong to a network of more than 55,000 surcharge-free ATM's across the US so our members do not have to pay a fee to access their hard earned money.
  • Opportunity checking. For people who may have had an account charged-off at another financial institution, we have an Opportunity Checking Account that may be transitioned into an everyday checking account after one year or when financial habits are strengthened.
  • Credit building. We help young people and anyone starting out to build a strong financial foundation with our low-limit, unsecured Visa credit card.
  • Accessibility standards. We meet the standards for effectively serving people with disabilities, taking special care to make EFCU Financial accessible to everyone.