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How Free Credit Monitoring Can Help You

As a good indicator of your overall financial health, your credit is essential for many reasons. Keeping track of changes to your credit report is crucial to helping you save money and work toward your financial goals. That’s where free credit monitoring comes in.

Credit monitoring allows you to see where your credit stands at any given moment, so you can assess which areas of your profile need to be addressed and stay on the right track to an excellent credit score. With services that help you credit your monitoring, you’ll know just what changes or inaccuracies come across your credit reports to save you time. Keep reading to learn just exactly how credit monitoring from EFCU Financial can give you peace of mind with your

What is Credit Monitoring?

When you apply for and use credit, your activity and information is collected and organized into credit reports. Credit monitoring tracks your credit history for key changes including opening new credit accounts, late or missed bill payments, bankruptcy filings and more. This service also alerts you when new activity occurs to your accounts that could inform you of potential fraud.

When you enroll in free credit monitoring services, you’re in control of your activity. You can spot mistakes from reporting agencies that may have a big impact on your reports and confirm activity was initiated by you or your authorized user to protect your credit score. Services that help you monitor your credit can also track:

  • Credit Score Increases or Decreases
  • Adjustments to Credit Card Balances or Credit Utilization Rate
  • New Derogatory Credit Information
  • Updates to Your Personal Identifying Information (Name, Address, etc.)

What Can Credit Monitoring Do For You?

Enrolling in free services that help you monitor your credit means the legwork of maintaining your accounts is off your plate. You can spend more time on managing and planning your finances and reap the endless benefits of credit monitoring.

Stay up to Date

Free credit monitoring gives you a thorough overview of your credit report so you can keep an eye on updates to your credit score and accounts. This can give you a better understanding of your financial activities and help you work to improve decisions to set yourself up for financial success.

Maintain Positive Credit History

Staying in the know can help you respond more quickly to activities that affect your credit scores, so you can work more effectively toward maintaining a positive credit history. Whether you’re behind on bill payments or running credit checks too often, credit monitoring can help you form better financial habits to improve your credit score.

Fraud Prevention and Protection

Even if you’re cautious with your personal information, not everyone with access to it may be. With more credit card information and other sensitive information being stored online and data breaches becoming more frequent, credit monitoring can help you notice signs of identity theft and protect your credit in the long run.

Monitor and Protect Your Credit with EFCU

While it is possible to monitor your credit on your own, it’s time-consuming and inefficient. With free credit monitoring services, EFCU Financial makes the process easier so you can take control of your credit profile. With several services out there, EFCU Financial helps you personalize the way you protect your credit with even more benefits.

Credit Sense

With the EFCU Financial mobile app, Credit Sense is a free program that lets you check your credit any time, anywhere to help you improve your credit score.


To prevent damage to your credit score, EFCU Financial partners with LifeLock to support you through information breaches or potential identity theft. For tips for securing your account, improving your credit score and more information about free credit monitoring from EFCU Financial, click here for tips!