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Get Paid Faster with Banks and Credit Unions that Offer Early Direct Deposit

Getting your paycheck into your account as soon as possible can be crucial for making your necessary payments on time, and with the help of direct deposit, you can do it faster and easier. Many people don’t realize that you can effectively get your paychecks sooner rather than later from credit unions and banks that offer early direct deposit. And since 2019, EFCU Financial has helped our credit union members save time on deposits with early direct deposit services. That means quicker access to make withdrawals and no more waiting for your money.

What is Direct Deposit?

It’s a tale as old as time. Get your check on payday, take it to the bank, and wait in line to have your paycheck deposited into your checking account. But direct deposit has flipped the script. When you set up direct deposit with your bank or credit union, your paycheck is electronically sent to your account, so you don’t have to worry about making your way to your local branch.

Benefits of Setting Up Direct Deposit:

  • Convenient - Once you’re enrolled in direct deposit, your paycheck gets deposited directly into your checking account.
  • Paperless - Electronic deposits are secure and ensure your money makes it into your account.
  • Accessible - Depositing a paper check takes time and effort, but direct deposit get your paychecks into your account on time, every time.
  • Savings - You may be able to automatically split your direct deposit into two accounts and build your savings account.

What is Early Direct Deposit?

Providing the same safety and security of traditional “on time” direct deposit, early direct deposit services release your paycheck into your account as soon as it is received by your bank or credit union, so you don’t have to wait for your regularly scheduled payday. That means you can get paid up to two days earlier! While many online banks and new financial apps are starting to offer this service, EFCU Financial continues to deliver your paycheck faster, with the added convenience of handling all your financial needs in one place.

How to Get Your Paycheck Faster With EFCU Financial

Managing your accounts is one thing, but getting paid early changes the way you conduct financial transactions. Save time with a fast, convenient and easy way to deposit your paycheck from EFCU Financial. Once you enroll in direct deposit, your paycheck automatically goes into a designated account each payday, so it’s available for immediate withdrawal.

How It Works:

  • Enroll in Direct Deposit - Make a request through your employer’s payroll office using EFCU Financial’s routing number—265473511—and your account number. If your employer requests a form from us, just email or call us at 225-214-6800.
  • Wait for Payroll - Most employers will send EFCU Financial incoming deposits 1-2 days in advance of your actual payday.
  • Get Paid Up to 2 Days Early - As soon as EFCU Financial receives the electronic file from your employer, your paycheck will be posted to your account.

Banking with EFCU Financial lets you take charge of your financial life. With personalized banking services, you can have access to your money whenever you want it, and as soon as you need it. To become a member of EFCU Financial or learn more about the added benefits of banking at a credit union!